FY 2011 Annual Report
Saltwater Recreational Fisheries License Program

This report summarizes activities of programs funded by revenues from the sale of the SC Saltwater Recreation Fisheries License. The Saltwater Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee was created by law to assist in prioritizing the expenditure of these funds:

  1. the protection, maintenance, or enhancement of saltwater habitat important to the continued production of marine fish stocks and their food sources of significance to recreational saltwater fisheries;
  2. development of recreational saltwater fishing facilities;
  3. scientific research and management of recreational saltwater fisheries;
  4. other programs directly benefiting recreational saltwater fisheries recommended by the Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee.

For Fiscal Year 2011, the committee approved $1.638 million dollars to be spent on Marine Resources Division programs. Allocations were as follows:

Program (hyperlinks in this column are Adobe PDF files) Amount
Recreational Finfish Monitoring and Research
Marine Outreach and Education
Marine Fisheries Habitat Enhancement and Management and Recreational Shore‐based Angler Fisheries Access Improvement
Shell Recycling and Oyster Reef Management
Recreational Crustacean Monitoring

In addition, $375,000 was allocated for Marine Infrastructure which supported operations at the Waddell Mariculture Center in Bluffton which is instrumental in rearing fish for stocking experiments and other recreational‐fisheries related activities. Other infrastructure funds were used to provide basic support of recreational activities including funds for boats and vehicles and their maintenance, as well as scientific equipment and supplies.

The following reports provide summaries of each program funded by SRFAC in fiscal year 2011. More detailed information about the Saltwater Recreational Fishing License program can be found at http://saltwaterfishing.sc.gov/ . To learn more about selected species visit https://www.dnr.sc.gov/marine/species/index.html.

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