Offshore Artificial Reefs

Offshore Reef - NYC Subway Cars

Over 40 offshore artificial reefs are located in waters along the entire coast of South Carolina. The offshore artificial reefs are known for their productivity,
and are therefore popular destinations for many recreational anglers and divers.

South Carolina's offshore artificial reefs are constructed from a wide variety of materials ranging from various forms of suitable scrap to specifically designed and constructed reef habitat structures. Steel-hulled vessels are the most commonly employed scrap material in reef construction, with over 100 having been sunk off the state since 1969. Other scrap materials recycled on South Carolina reefs include steel and concrete bridges, New York City subway cars, concrete culvert pipe, steel dry dock work platforms and US Army tanks.  The Marine Artificial Reef program would not be possible without funds generated by the Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Program.

To learn more about artificial reefs in South Carolina check out our "Sea Science" Artificial Reef publication.

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