SCDNR - News Release
May 18, 2009
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Requirements Change for Saltwater Recreational Fishing License

Man Fishing on the BeachThe recent session of the South Carolina General Assembly made changes to the Saltwater Recreational Fishing License effective July 1, 2009. License fees will not change.

The changes to the South Carolina Saltwater Recreational Fishing License will allow better access to information about recreational catch, which will lead to better management of South Carolina's valuable marine resources. The changes also ensure that anglers in S.C. will simply need to purchase a single license to fish anywhere in both state and federal saltwaters. Revenue generated from Saltwater Recreational Fishing License sales will be used for the direct benefit of South Carolina's marine recreational fisheries.

Currently a saltwater recreational fishing license is required for people:

The new legislation will require a saltwater recreational fishing license for people who also:

You may purchase a license by telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling toll free 1-866-714-3611 or by going online.

There are a few exceptions that will allow people to harvest marine resources without a saltwater recreational fishing license including, fishing off a licensed commercial public fishing pier, fishing off a licensed for-hire vessel (charter and headboats), fishing with 3 or fewer fold-up traps, fishing with 3 or fewer drop nets, fishing with 3 or fewer handlines with a single bait and no hooks (chicken necking) and taking shrimp over bait (still required to have Shrimp Baiting License).

A resident of South Carolina sixty four years or older may obtain a statewide lifetime hunting and fishing license which includes the privilege of saltwater fishing. A person who has been a resident of South Carolina for at least one year and who is determined to be totally disabled may obtain a statewide fishing and hunting license which includes the privilege of saltwater fishing. No hunting or fishing license or permit is required until person reaches age 16. This also applies to the new Saltwater Recreational Fishing License.

Saltwater Recreational Fishing License fees remain at the following: