Red Drum

Adult red drum, often referred to as "bull reds," are those fish that can spawn and are generally considered to be larger than 33 inches in length or about 14 pounds.

Adult Red Drum - Recommended Tackle


Red Drum Tackle Red Drum Tackle

Fighting a fish is one of the most exciting aspects of fishing, and when that fish is finally landed the feeling of satisfaction is undeniable. Adult red drum will often fight until completely exhausted, and since they must be released, a long fight diminishes their chances of survival.

When fishing for adult red drum you should be using a rod, reel, and line that are matched for fish weighing 30 to 50 lbs. The rod should be a stout medium heavy action with a reel than can accommodate several hundred yards of at least 30 lb. monofilament or 50-65 lb. braided line.

Using appropriate sized gear gives you a better chance of landing an adult red drum, but it's also better for the fish. Also, you'll never have to say, "The one that got away," because your gear was too light.