Red Drum

Adult red drum, often referred to as "bull reds," are those fish that can spawn and are generally considered to be larger than 33 inches in length or about 14 pounds.

Red Drum - Catch and Release

Red Drum - Catch and Release Red Drum - Catch and Release

Imagine you just ran a marathon and someone suddenly cuts your air off. An adult red drum that has just given you the fight of its life probably feels this way when it is removed from the water.

If at all possible, try and remove the hook while the fish is in the water, then keep control of the fish by holding it near the tail and helping it maintain equilibrium by supporting it under the belly with your other hand.

Allow the fish to revive in the water as someone gets a camera ready to snap a photo. Ideally, photograph the angler holding the fish in the water. When the fish has gained back some of its energy, it will be able to shake free from your grip and return to the bottom.