Rules Concerning Game Fish Records

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Anglers whose fish have been verified as new state records or ties with existing records will receive certificates acknowledging their state records. Only the names of anglers establishing a new record will be published in the official list of state records. Fish names used in this program are those recognized by the American Fisheries Society as a standard for the species.

The following rules apply:

To establish a new state record, the following weight requirements must be met:

Master Angler Program:

South Carolina anglers regularly land exceptionally large fish that may not qualify for state record status but still are worthy of recognition. Other anglers make significant contributions toward the conservation of marine game fish by tagging and releasing fish rather than bringing them to the dock.

The South Carolina Master Angler Program was established to provide recognition to saltwater fishermen who make outstanding catches and to those anglers who regularly practice conservation by tagging and releasing fish.

Under this program, the Marine Resources Division of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources will present a Master Angler certificate to each angler who lands a qualifying fish. A Conservation Citation will be presented to each angler who tags and releases 30 or more fish in a calendar year.

At the conclusion of this year's program, special recognition will be given for the largest entry of each eligible species and for the most game fish tagged and released by one individual.

Report your catch to:

State Record Marine Game Fish Program
P. O. Box 12559
Charleston, SC 29442-2559

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to refuse any questionable entry. The decision of the State Record Marine Gamefish Committee is final. In the event a state marine fisheries biologist is not available, the fish should be frozen or otherwise preserved intact until a biologist can be contacted. View South Carolina State saltwater game fish records.